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Articles in this month’s issue include:

  1. June Mid-Season Irrigation Update (David Hall, Jason Mallard, Wesley Porter)
  2. June 2022 Weather and Climate Outlook (Pam Knox)
  3. Sprayer Considerations (Simer Virk, Eric Prostko, Wesley Porter)
  4. Crop Monitoring and Management (John Snider, Ved Parkash, Gurpreet Virk, Camp Hand)
  5. Agronomic Update (Camp Hand)
  6. Tarnished Plant Bug Management (Phillip Roberts)
  7. Deceptively Quiet: Between Emergence and First Bloom (Bob Kemerait)
  8. Is Nutsedge a Growing Concern in Your Cotton Field? (Stanley Culpepper, Taylor Randell, Jenna
    Vance, Hannah Wright)

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