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Results from Appling County and all on farm locations statewide. Thank you to our cooperating farmers and industry partners for helping with this important research. There were nineteen locations statewide in 2020. Ten locations were irrigated, and nine locations were dryland. It’s important to look at consistency across the state when selecting a variety, but since some want to see local results, the Appling County trial is posted at the bottom. The graph picture is a little blurry, so its also listed in plain text below.

Variety Yield 
DP 2055 B3XF1427
DP 1646 B2XF1380
NG 5711 B3XF1359
DP 2038 B3XF1354
DG 3799 B3XF1302
Px 5C45 W3FE1297
DG 3615 B3XF1248
ST 4990 B3XF1236
NG 4936 B3XF1220
ST 5471 GLTP1182
PHY 400 W3FE1148
CP 9608 B3XF1138
Appling County Results

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