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Worker Protection Standard Training

February 17, 2017

MEMO TO: Pesticide Handlers

FROM: D. Shane Curry, Appling County CEA

RE: Worker Protection Standard (WPS)


We will be having a Worker Protection Standard training Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 12:00 noon at Sarah’s Restaurant.

All hired help who must work in a field “where a pesticide has been used or a restricted-entry interval has been in effect in the past 30 days” must have worker training that complies with the 2015 Worker Protection Standard. Basically, if you have hired help entering a field that has been sprayed, most likely the workers will need the training.

If you have a private or commercial pesticide license, you are qualified to give worker and handler training to your workers. However, the 2015 Worker Protection Standard from U.S. EPA contains many changes in the rules and regulations and it is strongly advised that you attend this meeting before training your workers.

Milton D. (Mickey) Taylor, UGA Pesticide Safety Education Program Coordinator will be our speaker. NOTE: He is just the messenger and not the one that made any policy changes.

There is no charge, but please call us if you plan to attend this meeting. We must have an accurate count for the meal and to know if we need to setup more chairs.

If you have special needs because of a disability, please call the Extension office (912-367-8130) at least one day before the meeting.